Screw Compressors: no offence intended!

Thankfully screw compressors are hugely helpful and necessary in many walks of life.

“Screws” was, at one time, a very derogatory term for prison wardens. Possibly it still is. For prisoners who are kept constrained of any freedoms the term must help to release some of the frustration of being “inside”. They must hate their jailors, or the people they perceive to be their jailors. Screws are on the frontline of prisoner outrage; when incarcerated for their crimes, who else will prisoners blame when they can’t reach those who sat in judgement and who determined sentence.  More negative use of the screw word is in our everyday language. “Well, screw you!” is often heard on the lips of anyone absolutely fed up with life around them.  “ You must have a screw loose” is another such demeaning use on our lips, when we want to tell someone we don’t think they are very clever.

Well, screw compressors make the best use of those very real handy little items called screws. This is nothing but positive all the way! Rotary screw compressors are useful for those in industry such as large manufacturing concerns that need fast efficient air compression to propel their tools and equipment. In this instance screws are more than clever, they turn in opposing directions within the central part of the air compression chamber, and effectively form the nub of enormous power! Screws not to be sniffed at!

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