Screw Compressor: can be taken anywhere.

If only we could be as adaptable as the screw compressor.  If we could adapt to climate changes at the drop of a hat we would travel so much better. If we could speak a new language by pressing a button inside our brains then we would communicate that much easier.  If we could walk into a phone booth, spin around and come out in a different set of clothes we could brave the British weather and never complain.  If all businesses had a handy small screw compressor then work could be accomplished on a faster and more convenient footing.

It may be that you have lost work that was necessary to fulfil on an immediate basis. It may be that you have refused work when one of your compressors is under routine maintenance. Well a small screw compressor is a good idea: cheaper to buy, cheaper and easier to install and, these days, often as good in performance as other compressors.  A screw compressor can give 10 years of service and requires less maintenance that other compressors. They are often oil-free and the availability of small sizes means the screw compressor is adaptable to small spaces, can be taken off site. They are also relatively easy to control and can be applied for consistent and continuous work where pressure needs are variable.

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