Supplying Compressors. Nottingham, Derby or Lincoln

Supplying compressors Derby based, or anywhere based in the East Midlands for that matter, must be a dream come true. The East Midlands is one of the most underrated parts of England, yet one of the most quietly beautiful.  The edges of the peak district, where the undulating southern landscape rolls into the dramatic northern folds which some say results in the most hauntingly beautiful scenery, spill into the East Midlands making it a country lovers paradise.

The three main cities of Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln carry this duality where one environment fuses into another creating a kaleidoscope of colour, age, and style. The past blends into the present, history blends into modern, rivers run into marinas,  – cathedral and shopping mall sit side by side, and horse riding and paintballing occupy the woodlands.

So too are compressors Lincoln based underrated as, indeed, are compressors Nottingham based and compressors Derby based and other compressors based anywhere they are made.  Compressors have become, quietly, the unsung hero-type of magical equipment supplying compressed air –or gas- safely to the tools connected to them, and manufacturers are due thanks for this.  Mainly developed for use in industrial worksites and manufacturing plants, or medical laboratories, the domestic market ignored them for decades. However compressors are fast up and coming for home and semi-professional use; tyre inflators, spray paint, impact wrenches, nail guns, drills and hammers all work better when pneumatic and attached to a compressor.

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