Air compressor supplier: supply and demand.

When supply and demand walk hand in hand, with neither one outstripping the other, then we have harmony in economics.  The balance works with neither surplus nor deficit to upset the natural flow of production.  An air compressor supplier will have his, or her, eye on the number of units to supply and the number of customers either in line to buy or likely to buy, and then make decisions accordingly.

Happily, for an air compressor supplier, supply and demand seems pretty evenly matched in the compressor world. Not so in other worlds, in particular that of produce – rather than product. Remember when supply was so great Europe created butter-mountains and wine-lakes – whatever happened to them. It was rumoured they only existed on paper!  It is rumoured that in certain years tons of bananas would sit in dockland warehouses gradually rotting because supply had far exceeded population needs of the fruit.  Other over-supply situations have been millions of daily newspapers once web-based reading had taken on, fruit flavoured crisps and green tomato sauce.

What about when demand became the dominant element, these problems are probably more well-known. A lack of vaccine for swine-fever caused many of us to panic just a few years ago. The latest Harry Potter book used to regularly have to reprint to satisfy a public hungry for their own copy, and a regularly occurring scarcity of water means the demand for its life-sustaining elements if by far greater than can be supplied.

An air compressor supplier often does not get to tackle such wide variances in the compressor market; once a compressor goes there isn’t really any argument about replacing it and air compressors are such staple fodder for industry and manufacturing.  It may be that an air compressor supplier will try and boost demand by promoting heavily; in which case a successful promotion will lead to greater supply, and of course that can be a fulltime job in itself.

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