Compressor servicing: never too late

It’s never too late for your compressor servicing. If you have skipped an annual service, then don’t delay now, compressor servicing could still save you from breakdown at the worst time possible. If you see something wrong in your compressor’s performance then don’t think it will go away, get it checked out – a good clean and repair will go a long way to saving you hundreds, thousands, and even millions of pounds  which a cessation in work output could lead to.

Some of the world’s spectacular disasters have, in fact, proven after investigation that concerns about operation were often not acknowledged in the lead-up to the actual catastrophe itself.  Whilst considering your compressor servicing needs, it might be wise to spare a thought for them

The launch of the Challenger space probe in 1986 ended in disaster just a little over a minute after the rocket’s take off. The following investigation revealed that there had been concerns raised over a design flaw which was viewed to be potentially fatal. Well, a design flaw is not precisely the same as an operational malfunction, but had workplace ethics of health and safety been complied with and Challenger been returned to the shop floor for overhaul of its safety mechanisms, the crew may well be here today.   Compressor servicing as a matter of health and safety would go a long way toward avoiding the potential disastrous breakdowns that might occur where compressors are depended on for work output.

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