Compressor servicing: avert disaster

Good and timely compressor servicing will pay dividends in the long run. Far better to pay out on an annual, or six monthly, servicing contract than to experience a premature breakdown in your equipment and diminish your output considerably.  That would be great cause for regret.

One wonders which disasters in the world could have been avoided had there been good servicing contracts in place.  Many ships, planes, racing cars, and spacecraft have met with calamity and we will never know if they had been overhauled sufficiently. Of course, given she was on her maiden voyage that famous ship The Titanic would hardly have been due a service to all her parts, and it seems that human error was what caused her to hit an iceberg, but we are sure there are plenty of examples where proper maintenance and safety checks were not conducted on a regular basis.

Let us hope that your air compressors will never suffer breakdown. However, for your peace of mind, annual, or more frequent, compressor servicing will make you that bit more secure, and possibly save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Better to be safe than sorry is an adage that we used to hear a lot; it holds true today. Consider a contract for compressor servicing and you will certainly be saving on headaches in the future.

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