Compressor service: for good reason

As England now sits under a white blanket of snow again, and we raise the heating to keep warm, now might be a good time to mention that old chestnut, a compressor service. Let us hope that none of us experience a breakdown of the central eating boiler as home would not be a comfortable place to be in these minus zero temperatures. Similarly in the work place, business would not be good if the air compressor unit spluttered to a halt.  Breakdowns even on work premises are harder to bear in this cold weather and sitting around unable to perform the jobs required through the loss of the compressor function is intolerable. A compressor service carried out on a regular basis may prevent such eventualities.

It is not just the arctic conditions that are good reason for a regular compressor service; a lot of work has gone into the air compressor unit and its available components – technological innovation and testing, adjustment of design and fine tuning in production stages – and it would seem to us to be a terrible waste to allow such great pieces of equipment to deteriorate before their time through the simple lack of putting in place a regular compressor service.

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