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Compressor servicing: never too late

It’s never too late for your compressor servicing. If you have skipped an annual service, then don’t delay now, compressor servicing could still save you from breakdown at the worst time possible. If you see something wrong in your compressor’s performance then don’t think it will go away, get it checked out – a good clean and repair will go a long way to saving you hundreds, thousands, and even millions of pounds which a cessation in work output could lead to. Continue reading

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Screw Compressor: can be taken anywhere.

If only we could be as adaptable as the screw compressor. If we could adapt to climate changes at the drop of a hat we would travel so much better. If we could speak a new language by pressing a button inside our brains then we would communicate that much easier. Continue reading

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Dental compressor parts in Nottingham: to save the nations teeth!

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if your dental chair flopped to the floor in the middle of a dental examination; or if the drill you were using stopped, whilst deep in your patient’s cavity, and remained stuck whilst the dental nurse tried vainly to locate a technician to come and have a look. Continue reading

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Pneumatic fittings are the key to compressed air efficiency

Pneumatic fittings are important, as are any fittings that hold one thing to another. Quality fittings should effectively seal the join, allowing free passage of liquid, gas or air, without leakage or spillage. The industries, which manufacture fittings, have had so much critical learning experience, over centuries and so many fields of endeavour, that their development has reached an optimum. Continue reading

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Supplying Compressors. Nottingham, Derby or Lincoln

Supplying compressors Derby based, or anywhere based in the East Midlands for that matter, must be a dream come true. The East Midlands is one of the most underrated parts of England, yet one of the most quietly beautiful. The edges of the peak district, where the undulating southern landscape rolls into the dramatic northern folds which some say results in the most hauntingly beautiful scenery, spill into the East Midlands making it a country lovers paradise. Continue reading

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Pneumatic Tools: a force for the better

Pneumatic tools, of whatever kind, carry a force so great they can achieve hundreds and hundreds of times over what would normally be the outermost reaches of an average worker’s capabilities with a manual tool. Continue reading

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Pneumatic tools: a new year’s resolution

Pneumatic tools have quite a few things in common with the resolute pledges made on the first of January every year. As the old year dies and the new takes over, the overfull stomachs, fuzzy heads, groggy eyes and all the other uncomfortable after-effects of over-indulgence turn our thoughts to greater self-discipline, if only to distance ourselves from the current misery. Continue reading

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Air Compressors, Nottingham, Derby, or Lincoln based, with pride.

A compressor, Nottingham sold, has the East Midland stamp all over it. It is being supplied in an area where skilled work is taken seriously. From the guildsmen and their apprentices of yesteryear, working with rudimentary equipment, to the skilled workers of the modern age, working with powered complex machinery, strong traditions have been upheld and today there is no less pride in accomplishing fine workmanship. Continue reading

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Air compressors serving the East Midlands from Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln.

Stockists and suppliers of air compressors in Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln have an enormous range of customers in East Midlands alone. From the home based DIY enthusiast, wanting to tackle all home, garden and garage jobs under his own roof, to the large-scale industrial workshops where teams of welders, fixers and sprayers can work with greater safety, the list of consumers for air compressors looking to Derby, for instance, to supply, is endless. Continue reading

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