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Screw Compressors: no offence intended!

Thankfully screw compressors are hugely helpful and necessary in many walks of life. “Screws” was, at one time, a very derogatory term for prison wardens. Possibly it still is. For prisoners who are kept constrained of any freedoms the term must help to release some of the frustration of being “inside”. Continue reading

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Compressed Air Hazards: Fooling around with air compressors is no joke

Whether it’s a piece of equipment central to their job or part of their domestic DIY toolkit, thousands of people use an air compressor for tasks such as inflating tyres, using air tools, cleaning or sandblasting without realising the potentially harmful nature of compressed air. Continue reading

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Compressor accessories: an absolute necessity.

Every compressor needs compressor accessories just as we need accessories in other areas of life. A belt for keeping up one’s trousers seems to us a very sensible and necessary accessory, and whether you choose a simple belt or an ornate and colourful belt is a matter for your taste and your pocket. Continue reading

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Compressor servicing: avert disaster

Good and timely compressor servicing will pay dividends in the long run. Far better to pay out on an annual, or six monthly, servicing contract than to experience a premature breakdown in your equipment and diminish your output considerably. That would be great cause for regret. Continue reading

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Dental compressor parts: aching for attention.

Just like a bit-part actor, dental compressor parts want to play their role in providing the detail for the larger picture. And just like a bit part actor, they will give the performance of their lives when placed in the frame and asked to do their stuff. Continue reading

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Compressor service: for good reason

As England now sits under a white blanket of snow again, and we raise the heating to keep warm, now might be a good time to mention that old chestnut, a compressor service. Let us hope that none of us experience a breakdown of the central eating boiler as home would not be a comfortable place to be in these minus zero temperatures. Continue reading

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Compressed air filters: What do they do, then?

Sometimes also known as ‘line filters’, compressed air filters are an essential component of domestic and industrial air compressors. Compressed air filters perform a vital role in extracting oil, water, airborne particles and other types of contaminant that if left unfiltered could cause considerable harm to a compressed air system, eroding seals and system components and ultimately leading a reduction in compression efficiency. Continue reading

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Compressed Air Leaks: Find ‘em and fix ‘em

Over time air compressors, just like the rest of us, begin to wear out. As various air compressor parts become worn or damaged the compressor can begin to leak air. If left unattended air leaks can worsen, causing your air compressor to over-work and ultimately shorten its working life. If your air compressor is beginning to lose pressure or won’t maintain pressure, it’s time to start looking for leaks. Continue reading

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Air compressor supplier: supply and demand.

When supply and demand walk hand in hand, with neither one outstripping the other, then we have harmony in economics. The balance works with neither surplus nor deficit to upset the natural flow of production. An air compressor supplier will have his, or her, eye on the number of units to supply and the number of customers either in line to buy or likely to buy, and then make decisions accordingly. Continue reading

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Compressor service: for sane businesses!

If only we could have a good service every so often we would be as healthy as a well organised workplace. Fine tuning of the heart, kidneys, liver and other major organs would set us up for life. A compressor service will also set up your compressor unit for at least a long life, if not for life. Continue reading

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